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Warmap 1.0



Author’s Comment: This is a handy Warmap I made.  Seems wrong not to share it with all you fine fine peoples.  Feel free to use or share this freely, but all credit goes to me.
Steamname:  Mordy

Download Link: map2_sign_warmap_c_2

Created by: Meaty McGee



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  • The loot crate at 45 90 location is a mistake as far as I’m concerned. Nobody has a screenshot that I can find, and some random guy just reports a number that he’s guessing on in Reddit, which other people kept re-reporting blindly. I have personally gotten or seen screenshots of all of the locations except for the East coast one. If you notice, the official wiki does not list that location because proof hasn’t been provided. Just wanted to give a friendly headsup, otherwise I’m liking the map, especially the area labels!