Real Tiger

Dinosaurs, Saber tooth tigers

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Author’s Comment:

A paint template to turn your sabertooth into an orange tiger, based off the stripe pattern of a real tiger that lived in a conservation compound I used to volunteer for. Requires 3 Canteloupe, 1 Silver, and 1 Black dye.

Template works best on black or dark grey sabercats, as any other color will show through on the stripes until they fix the black dye opacity.

Download Link: realtigerfinal_saber_character_bp_c_6

Created by: Kivuli

  1. Nesvog

    Very nice, I will for sure be using this one.

  2. iPoopRainbows

    This is crazzee!!! I may use your template and sub pink in instead of orange hehe =]

  3. Micon

    Great template, and I appreciate the colors needed listing!

  4. Miguel Dilaj

    Es muy buena

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