Dinosaurs Quetzalcoatlus

Quetzal Arcolris

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Download Link: FIXEDarcoiris_quetz_character_bp_c_5

Created by: ZeBigode



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  • it appears to need two separate instances of *purple* one requires 224% purple and the other 1%

    even with every color and trying a restart it still says missing 1% purple

      • I’m confused about how to do this. I click the dropbox link, and how do I open it with the PNT program? What name do you need to change the file to? I’ve used the other PNT files on this site and had no problems, but I’m not very good at this type of thing. I have used the rainbow bronto file and it worked and saved perfectly. I must be missing something.

        • Hi Clevergirl,

          I’ve gone ahead and ran it through the program to fix it. Please download the UPDATED link above and let me know if it works for you!

          • I used the updated link, and now it asks for 1% purple, but I have 100 purple in my inventory. Purple is now the issue, as it doesn’t recognize that you have plenty of purple to do the project. Same issue, different color.

          • I would really love for this to work as I have a large number of rainbow dinos. The “fixed” link still asks for 1% purple, regardless of the amount of purple dye you have in your inventory. Something isn’t quite right still. It would be wonderful if you continued the rainbow theme with more dinos. I’ve had many compliments on my rainbow Giga, bronto, and rex.


        • An quite easy fix I managed to find was removing the most purple looking color in the program by checking one of the boxes. And then later saving it as the original name as long as the _quetz_character_bp_c.pnt is present for the game to recognise the type of animal it’s for. If you don’t manage to find which one it is, it’s number 23 out of 25 total.

  • I used the updated link, but it now says it’s missing 1% purple, although I had over 100 purple in my inventory. The same issue with missing paint, just different color than the original. Please advise if I need to do something else. I’ve tried adding more purple to my inventory…is it possible royalty is being confused for purple?

    Thanks for the awesome paint for Quetzal. I can only hope I can get it to work at some point.


    • Not sure it is relevant but the spawn IDs for ARK have 2 separate for purple coloring (#62 and #68). I assumed that was just an oversight but there may be two separate purples that the game recognizes.

  • I managed to fix it. Using the program that reads pnt files you need to uncheck all the colors the paint template DOESN’T use. First I unchecked purple, and it said it was missing 1% white… So I just unchecked all the colors it doesn’t use, (including purple? I don’t remember, but try that if it doesn’t work with purple active and save it under a different name), and it worked!

    Hope it works for all of you who still seem to be having an issue.