Pretty Birb

Argentavis, Dinosaurs

Author’s Comment: White argy with pink/purple/blue/cyan tips

Updated comment – Pretty argy. Try adding _sf_ between the BP and C if it wont load.

Download Link: Prettyaf_Argent_Character_BP_SF_C_1

For those with problems – download this one

Created by: derp

Pretty Birb
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  1. Nat

    Its not showing up in the list to be painted 🙁

    • Derp

      Hmmm maybe because the file name already has _sf_ between the BP and C? Ive uploaded another version, try renaming that one with and _sf_ between the BP and C. Hope it works.

  2. Derp

    Try renaming the file with an _sf_ between the bp and the c?

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