Female Darth Talon Bodypaint

Female, Humans

FwlZjfa - Copy l3aPNl0 oJzzf56 - Copy oMpWh8E - Copy


Download Link: darthtalon_PlayerPawnTest_Female_C_4

Created by: LoveFromBehind

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  1. vtmac

    is there a template for the ptera in this picture?

  2. Ranok

    request for the ptera in the pic

  3. EliteGamer11388

    Pretty sure you can make the ptera in the pic with “cheat settargetdinocolor” then any number 0 to 5 (each number represents a region on its body like wings,crest,pattern,inner crest and inner wings), then the number code for the color, (you’d have to look them up). So it would look like, “cheat settargetdinocolor 0 1”, and that would color the patterning red or whatever. Plus, any colors changed with this method, can carry over into breeding, unlike painting. If you’re on an official server though, that can’t help you 🙁

  4. brainstorm

    Request the template of the ptera one skin plzz. and the template for the human is not working right something is happen in all the templates of the humans

  5. Delabeled

    Colors not coming out right int he game

  6. brainstorm

    hope u put the ptera fiel too because the 2 of them are perfect

  7. David

    Colours are not nearly as bright in game…

    • Foxy

      if the colours arent bright its because theyve painted on a black skinned model not a white fella

  8. dontgottimeforthat

    takes to fucking long to paint

  9. Whitney Clark

    Sadly when you transfer on a bed, the colors come off ;(

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