Earthbound Immortal Argent

Argentavis-old, Dinosaurs

earth-bound-argy-1-900x500 earth-bound-argy-2-900x500 earth-bound-argy-3-900x500 (1)


Download Link: earthboundargent_argent_character_bp_c

Created by: Wawazat

  1. vtmac

    why do none of the download links on this site work? everytime I click one it just takes me to a blank white page.

    • arktemplates

      What device are you using to end up at a blank page? I’ve tried on Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox on both Windows and a Macbook and I don’t have any issues.

      Are you using a tablet/phone?

  2. Skiel

    just need that Skiel ptera and Dragon Birthmark human skins 😉

  3. Wawazat

    most likely because the file type is designed to be read in game and not by a standard media player. try adding the file to your ark anyway and see if they work

  4. Bruh

    Uhh where is the fucking download button help!

    • Bruh

      Got EM

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