Dinosaurs Megalodon

Don’t Feer The Depths


Author’s Comment:

that painting tells a story.

as a little boy i did camping with my grandma.
we watched “The Great White Shark”  on Black/White Television.

i had nightmares cause of sharks, and the media never said nice things about those animals. they allways paint a picture of a Bloodthrusty monster… emotionless and coldblooded.

i never played a game with such a realistic animal/ dinosaur desings and from the very first day i spotted a shark, i knew i had to go down there to face the devil.

to not feel feared all the time, i painted my very first companion. his name is “StrayFinn” i catched him with lvl 20 . meanwhile he is lvl 64 , he is the only shark who got a charackter design. and im quiet proude about it. everyone who knows how it is to face his/ her nightmare, will recognice the fight against their own fears in this painting. i could not find any other megalodon skins,  and i put arround 6 hours of painting him till i finally was happy with my endresult, so, why not, sharing it with you guys ;D

in loving memorie.

Download Link: AntiAngstSkin_Megalodon_Character_BP_C_1

Created by: BlackRainGER



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