Celtic Tattoo Thing

Female, Humans


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Download Link: celtic_playerpawntest_female_c

Created by: Accela

  1. Wendy

    Do I have to have someone else pain me? how do I use this?

    • vtmac

      in ur inventory, drag a paintbrush onto ur character’s picture and u can paint urself

  2. Holly

    You turn out so pale. Would prefer if it was just the tattoos and not a whole body paint.

    • Nessie

      This is a whole body paint? My character is black, would that turn them white? i was going for a dark skinned native look, how does this turn out?

  3. Dax

    Yea… bummed this paints the whole body white… like the tatoos, but I don’t want to be a ghost…

  4. Elizabeth

    Could you make a template for the dino too? Looks real cool

  5. Sky

    This template is literally just painting your character white while keeping the Celtic pattern as your skin tone.

  6. Rango Mango

    Thank you SO much!

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