Warmap 4.0

Canvases, Painting

map4preview map4


Author’s Comment: Brought to you by Meaty McGee of Tribe Hellrangers on Official Server#1. This is my 4th map and 2nd submission to this site. Seems you guys like these.

Hope you find it as useful as we do!

Location Names
All caves water and land. “Cyan” with coords
Level 80 Ocean Drops. “Maroon”
Beaver Dams. “Yellow”


Download Link: warmap_Sign_WarMap_C

Created by: Meaty McGee

Warmap 4.0
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  1. Smoker

    For some reason this doesn’t seem to work for me

    • Smoker

      The File doesn’t show on the Warmap

  2. ch4

    not working something is wrong

  3. Gaz

    You need to rename the file to warmap_Sign_WarMap_C.pnt then it will show up in game

    • arktemplates

      Renamed file. Thanks =]

  4. Mordy

    Everyone got it working?

  5. Koopa

    If it dosent work what i normally do is:

    1) Draw a line on the Sign or whatever
    2) Drag the downloaded file into MyPaintings
    3) Copy the non downloaded name and then delete it
    4) Paste the name on the downloaded file

  6. Mordy

    Will make another update soon with better instructions for my next version.

  7. Rodri Vengeance

    it works for me perfect!

  8. Charlie

    Thanks for doing The Island WarMap. I’ve tried and tried to do a template of The Center and i just can not get it. Will you be making a Template of The Center soon….?

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