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Author’s Comment: A painting for quetzal that makes it seem Toruk, the huge bird from Avatar.

Download Link: torukmakto_quetz_character_bp_c_2

Created by: Velice

4.8 (93 votes)
  1. Keyk

    Best quetz skin ever, probably the only rly good tho :p

  2. Moltaque

    Someone can tell me how can i make bronze colorant?

  3. marquis

    cant even download any paints from this crap site…..I don’t even know why I bother coming here anymore…

    • arktemplates

      The issue has been fixed with Internet Explorer

  4. Jesus

    Cant do it, it ask me “Bronze” colorant, that doesn’t exist at all, any idea ?

    • Jesus

      Fount it for those who got a pb : “Bronze” in french version = Tan colorant, jesus loves you all folks !

  5. Shadz

    This asks me for Purple and no matter how much purple I put in my inventory it still says I need 0% Purple.

    Any ideas?

    • Velice

      Try with one of the blue colors, I think that is the color of the feet

  6. Bleach

    wheres the button to download this?!?!?

    • arktemplates

      In the information section it says “Author’s comment” underneath that it says “download link” click on the link posted next to it. Hope this helps. Let me know if you still have problems with the post

  7. Quentin

    Really awesome. Thank’s for this perfect création.

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