Nazi doggy

Dinosaurs, Dire Wolf

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Author’s Comment: i have bad humor. Maybe you too 😀

Download Link: muddienazi_direwolf_character_bp_c_4

Created by: Muddie_beaR

Nazi doggy
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  1. Alex

    And Link?

  2. guilherme

    the download link doesn’t work

  3. Rwby

    rly? can someone delet this shit and ban him?

    • Jonny

      Its heritage not hate.

    • whitney

      Sensitive much?

  4. Toaster

    ffs rly? delete this shit

  5. vtmac

    whoever owns this site needs to delete this..unacceptable.

  6. Fuz

    its been like a thousand years since that mattered, chillax

  7. the7thguest

    Ah yet another 11 year old kiddy who has no idea about the suffering and pain only 50 years ago, if I’d ever see something like that on my server, the owner will have some surprise waking up locked in an underwater jail with all his structures and dinos destroyed.
    I really feel sorry for all those 10 year old stupid idiots who don’t know how to get attention in any other way, guess the drunk parents are no help as well. Poor gamers, poor gamers.

    • benito mussolini

      lmao chill you fkn autist

    • A german guy

      Calm your autism.

  8. BlinkY

    This shit is not acceptable


    Delete please. This painting is disgusting!

  10. Kael

    I’m German, and this is a video game calm the fuck down yea?

  11. Amorthian101

    Faith in humanity…deleted

  12. Rhenukia

    Oh, your so funny. Nazis are not something to joke about, they’re still a problem

  13. Freddy

    There are countries where this symbol is prohibited. On the Internet , these apologies to racism and hatred, depend on the permissiveness of the WebMaster . As a colleague said above, most of you here are too young to understand the barbarity and the Holocaust represented by this symbol. You should inform in history books.

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