Halloween Spino

Dinosaurs, Spinosaurus-old

2015-10-22_00001 2015-10-22_00002 2015-10-22_00003

Author’s Note: The spino is already black. It is just orange paint.

Download Link: jack_spino_character_bp_c_3

Created by: Dragon_sissiy

Halloween Spino
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  1. fluffy

    the paint is broken, there is no black in it. gj on all the paintings btw

    • Dragon_sissiy

      There isn’t supposed to be black. It’s only orange paint. The spino is a BLACK spino. I tried leaving a description for everyone to know that, but it didn’t let me.

      So for future reference, THE SPINO IS A BLACK SPINO SO THERE IS ONLY ORANGE PAINT. Thank you. :3

  2. Dragon_sissiy

    NOTE: This spino is already black. So I only used orange paint.

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