Direwolf Amaterasu

Dinosaurs, Dire Wolf

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Author’s Comment: A lot of people requested an Amaterasu direwolf template and here it is!
Its made to work across all kinds of wolves which is why it consumes a lot of white dye.
The picture enclosed is taken of a Brown Wolf after the template is used.
I hope you guys enjoy and feel free to add me on steam if you need help!

Download Link: AmataterasuVFin_Direwolf_Character_BP_C_10

Created by: Fenris Silverfang

Direwolf Amaterasu
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  1. Fenris Silverfang

    I updated the skin and got rid of the few spots and misaligned symbols cause left and right didn’t fully match.

    • arktemplates

      Updated the file to your latest version, thanks! =)

  2. Bruh

    isnt this from skadi

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