Dinosaurs, Quetzalcoatlus

cream1 cream2

A warpaint I made for my Quetzal. Would have loved to do black stripes but as many of you know it doesn’t look very good on really anything right now.

Download Link:  thebird_quetz_character_bp_c_1

Created by: MadAmeba

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  1. Joe

    Attempted to download pnt files but always get sent to a blank screen or the web screen only shows a Q or d in the top left corner. After waiting to see if a download or save option pops up, nothing happened. Right clicking on the download link does not help.

    • arktemplates

      Hello, I am able to download just fine. Do you have ad-blockers on?

      The files are hosted directly with us, there are no redirects so there shouldn’t be an issues. Maybe try a different browser?

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