Argentavis Phoenix v2

Argentavis-old, Dinosaurs

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It is painted in-game
Paintingtime: ~3 hours

Download Link: argentophoenix_argent_character_bp_c_3

Created by: Big Poppa Pump

Argentavis Phoenix v2
4.5 (23 votes)
  1. Aquarius

    As the admin on Phoenix PvE… I will be using this. Incredible job!

  2. Hydro

    Looks great, wish it had a black beak/feet with red talons.

    any chance of a custom version of the like?

    Great job none-the-less

  3. Carnage

    This looks shockingly bad since the fur pass…

  4. Adanway

    Nice Phoenix

  5. William

    Can we get the new model update, please

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